How to Lift Heavy Objects

While working, we will definitely lift and carry items. Lifting and moving goods need energy, so there will be injury risk if not done properly. Suffered injury could be strained muscles, stretch, even torn muscles. Moreover, it could result in back injury which is dangerous for us. To prevent accidents, here are some useful tips how to lift and carry objects correctly and safely.

  1. Make sure the weight is still bearable. Make sure the road track is not slippery, perforated, or blocked.
  2. Use your abdominal muscles to help the waist when lifting.
  3. Use the knee as a pedestal for lifting and lowering goods.
  4. Ensure that when lifting, the object’s position is very close to your body. If the object is under the rack, pull the item close to you before lifted. The farther the location of the goods to the body, the greater the risk of injury.
  5. When lifting, make sure your back is straight. Lift with strong footrests, do not strain your back.
  6. Do not bend or twist your body when carrying objects. If you want to turn, rotate the body and legs.