Duta Hita Jaya provide rolling material service. Our rolling machines handle flat bar, square bar, tube, and rod using standard tooling which supplied with the machine.
We employs factory trained experienced professionals to service customer technical needs.
We are confident in our service quality. Regardless of your need and budget for a rolling, you benefit from choosing us.
Visit our workshops to see our works!





SKK Rolling Machine


  • Plate Rolling Machine
  • Min. Roll Capacity : 4mm x 100mm
  • Max. Capacity : 16mm x 2,500mm
  • Cylinder : Ø 400mm
  • Made in Japan

AKABend AKYAPAK Rolling Machine


  • Max. Capacity : 1.5″ x 8″
  • Pipe Rolling Machine
  • Min. Thickness : 2mm
  • Max. Thickness : 13 mm
  • Length : 3,000mm
  • Made in Turkey



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